A Challenge to Myself: 101 Postcards from Wales

I'm incredibly lucky. I've been able to travel the world and meet people from many different countries over the years. Discovering and learning about new countries is one of the things I enjoy most in life. What about my own country, though? I have great love for Wales, it's always been my home, but there's... Continue Reading →


Love at First Sight in Seville

You can fall in love at first with places as well as people, right? ūüôā¬†It was love at first sight for me in¬†Seville. One year ago, we¬†arrived late in the evening,¬†after driving from¬†Barcelona, to find the area surrounding¬†our AirBnB blocked off to cars. Jenny used her impressive¬†skills of persuasion¬†to sort¬†us out with a police¬†escort. After... Continue Reading →

Catching the Beads in NOLA

It took me a while to figure out why there were beads draped¬†over the houses, tree, and fences when first arriving in New Orleans. We'd arrived soon after Mardi Gras, an annual carnival-like celebration that New Orleans has become famous for throughout America. It took me even longer to figure out the reason why drunken... Continue Reading →

In Bruges and a Misplaced Camera

If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn‚Äôt, so it doesn't. Colin Farrell's character in In Bruges does¬†not provide the most glowing review of the City and I initially dismissed it as a¬†handy stopping point in between Brussels and Amsterdam when backpacking across Europe.¬†Though I didn't¬†have... Continue Reading →

Seeking Words of Wisdom

These photos are from 2013, when I was lucky enough to visit Japan with my sister. My sister (on the utmost right) and a couple of her team mates are reading the "ema" at a shrine just outside of Tokyo. "Ema" is the name given to the wooden plaques that people write their prayers¬†on and... Continue Reading →

How Many Countries?

I recently set myself a challenge to visit¬†at least 30¬†countries before I reach the age of¬†30¬†and listing¬†the countries that I've already visited proved to be¬†trickier¬†then you may think. Should I list the countries of the UK individually or as one?¬†What about Jersey?¬†Hong Kong or¬†China?¬†Does Vatican City really count as its own country? CGP Grey¬†offers a... Continue Reading →

Missing Windy Welly

It was always a dream of mine to visit New Zealand and I took the chance to spend a month there in late 2014.¬†Two of those weeks were spent in Seatoun, an eastern suburb of Wellington. I've been looking through a lot of old photos lately and they reminded me of some of the reasons¬†I... Continue Reading →

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