Marathon Man

I recently watched Marathon Man, a BBC documentary about Eddie Izzard’s journey to run 27 marathons across 27 days in South Africa.

Why 27? OneĀ marathon for eachĀ yearĀ that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. It was in Mandela’s honour that EddieĀ set up the challenge with Sport Relief.

Catching snippets of theĀ London Marathon over theĀ weekend was a reminder of how great a featĀ running a single marathon is. I’m in awe that Eddie managed 27 across 27 days in the South African heat! His perseverance and determinationĀ areĀ an inspiration.

He evenĀ managed to find theĀ time to gift theĀ world nuggetsĀ of wisdom like the following between runs:

What do you do in life? What do you create? What do you make? What do you add to the human existence? That’s what matters. It all comes back to Nelson Mandela. Try and put something into the world. Make something positive.