Love at First Sight in Seville

You can fall in love at first with places as well as people, right? šŸ™‚Ā It was love at first sight for me inĀ Seville.

One year ago, weĀ arrived late in the evening,Ā after driving fromĀ Barcelona, to find the area surroundingĀ our AirBnB blocked off to cars. Jenny used her impressiveĀ skills of persuasionĀ to sortĀ us out with a policeĀ escort.

After arriving in true style, we went to rooftopĀ of the block of flats that we were staying in to look down on the reason for the surrounding area being blocked off. Feria de Abril!

It was the last night of the fair and so we had little choice but to takeĀ our weary selves to it. I’m glad we did. The atmosphere was incredibleĀ and I most definitely needĀ to go back again one April.



Catching the Beads in NOLA

It took me a while to figure out why there were beads drapedĀ over the houses, tree, and fences when first arriving in New Orleans. We’d arrived soon after Mardi Gras, an annual carnival-like celebration that New Orleans has become famous for throughout America.

It took me even longer to figure out the reason why drunken souls were so enthusiastically throwing beads off the balconies along Bourbon Street. After a few hurricanes, I thought it was a quirkyĀ tradition of the City and smiled alongside others as we caught the beads that were being thrown down to us. I didn’t find out until I was back in the UK that ladies traditionally flash in exchange.Ā šŸ™‚

New Orleans was definitely a partyĀ City and full of life. I’m told it’s one of the only places in America where you can drink in the street. It’s also known as the home of jazz and I loved the liveĀ music that I was able to catch during my stay.

That Other Kind of Risk

This post is inspired by the Daily Post’s Discover Challenge, Risk.

I was happyĀ when I saw the title of this week’s Discover Challenge. Risk. Brilliant! I got this! In my head, I immediately started weighing up posts about the timeĀ I went skydiving and solo adventuresĀ around the world.

It turns out Michelle was challenging us to take that other kind of risk. The kind that involves being vulnerable and sharing parts of yourselfĀ that you’re not comfortable with. The kind of risk that I’m not so good at.

I’m getting better though.

I will take Michelle’s post as a reminder that the bravestĀ risksĀ requireĀ an open heart and as inspiration to face vulnerability head on.

We’d all benefit from taking that other kind of risk more often.