How Many Countries?

I recently set myself a challenge to visit at least 30 countries before I reach the age of 30 and listing the countries that I've already visited proved to be trickier then you may think. Should I list the countries of the UK individually or as one? What about Jersey? Hong Kong or China? Does Vatican City really count as its own country? CGP Grey offers a... Continue Reading →


And Still I Rise

I wish my writing was as beautiful as Maya Angelou's so I could describe how much and the reasons why I love her poetry. Instead, in celebration of what would have been her 88th Birthday tomorrow, I'll simply share one of her most famous pieces. And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou: You may write... Continue Reading →

Missing Windy Welly

It was always a dream of mine to visit New Zealand and I took the chance to spend a month there in late 2014. Two of those weeks were spent in Seatoun, an eastern suburb of Wellington. I've been looking through a lot of old photos lately and they reminded me of some of the reasons I... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s!

Do you think we let a little thing like being thousands of miles apart stop us from pranking our colleagues on April Fool’s day? Nope! Alx is renowned for his pranks at Automattic and, while a few folks were throwing around ideas for an April Fool’s retaliation this year, I came up with the suggestion... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

I always look forward to January 1st. It’s my Birthday but, more importantly, I love the sense of hope that surrounds the day and that so many people take the start of a New Year as a chance to begin again. A great many pessimists will tell you that New Year’s resolutions are for fools and,... Continue Reading →


The first half of 2015 has flown by! In the first four months, a lot of my time was spent travelling. I visited Oslo, Norway; New Orleans, USA; Paris, France; Marseille, France; Barcelona, Spain; Seville, Spain; and Faro, Portugal. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be in a position where I'm able to travel so freely, but... Continue Reading →

Emma, Florence, and Glastonbury

Emma Barker was bright, kind, fierce, funny, sunny, infectious, and a bundle of hope. Whenever we spent time together, I was always inspired for the future. The first time I went on a night out with her, she'd played a set of her own songs at the weekly open mic night in Déjà Vu. We stayed out late and,... Continue Reading →

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