Taxi Ride Home

My taxi driver had just told he he’d been living in Wales for six years and, with laughter in his eyes, was trying to get me to guess where he was from originally. I couldn’t. I’m awful with accents and knew I’d get it wrong. 🙂

He was from Ethiopia.

I asked as many questions as I could and listened as he explained how each country in Africa has its own personality. Ethiopia is Africa’s “lion.” He could tell where any African was from by their accent and, sometimes, just by their way of being. He loved his home but he had to leave else “they’d” have killed him.

The sun was shining and, as we drove past my old secondary school, he paused before he said, “They treat human life like grass they’re cutting on the lawn.”

That was yesterday morning and hasn’t left my mind yet.

I looked up recent news for Ethiopia when I got home and found that around 125 children were snatched by an armed South Sudanese group last month. Some have been freed while the majority are still being held captive.

It can be shamefully easy for those of us raised in the Western World to lose sight and forget how small our day-to-day problems really are. My taxi ride home from the dentist was a humbling reminder.


30 Days of Blogging

I did it! Today is day 30 of my 30 day blogging challenge.

Prior to this month I had only ever published six posts to my blog over the span of a year.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I’m active on all of them. I love having spaces on the web to stay connected with people and share my thoughts. Yet, my blog went neglected despite the fact that I work for as part of my role at Automattic.

I had a perception in the back of my mind that blogging is a hobby that takes up a distinct amount of time whereas social media is simply a built in part of modern day life.

It’s true, to a certain extent, that an average post on takes some more time and thought than an average Tweet. But, deep down, I knew it was not true that blogging has to be separated as a distinct hobby that only a few take up. It’s as much for everyone as the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, which are all really forms of blogging themselves.

Setting myself a 30 day blogging challenge for the month of April forced me to make the time to blog each day and to get into the flow of actually using more in my day-to-day life.

How does my blog fit in with everything else on the Web? When I went to the Grand Canyon I posted photos to Instagram, Tweeted snippets of tales while on the trip, and kept in touch with my family on Facebook. is where I was able to bring that altogether in one post. My blog is a place to store thoughts and memories that mean something to me.

Some of the posts from the past 30 days read like their rushed and some already make me cringe a little, but they’re representative of me and will only get better the more I try. 🙂 I’m glad I took up the challenge to post every day in April.

Going forward, I will aim for one or two posts a week.

Happiness is a Warm Welsh Cake

Live music was playing out from the bandstand and the sun was shining down on the water over in Cardiff Bay today.

I love travelling but both Barry and Cardiff will always be my absolute favourite places in the world, as strange as that may seem to some. 🙂 They’re both so familiar but still full of magic.

While over Cardiff Bay, we stopped by Fabulous Welsh cakes which is a busy little shop where you can watch Welsh cakes being made afresh. I picked up a white chocolate flavour. Happiness, indeed!