Postcard #3: Cardiff’s Christmas Markets 🎄

The People

I’m still working away at documenting all the postcards I’ve sent in the past year, including this batch of cards I sent to my workplace’s “distributed postcards” group this past January.

Working remotely for a global company has a way of showing you how the world is both big and small at the same time. For this batch of postcards, most recipients were in various parts of the US and Canada, but there was one fellow Welsh colleague in Aber. 🙂

The Place

I missed the Christmas markets terribly in 2020.

I missed cosying up to whatever warmth you can find with a plastic cup of hot mulled wine; the cheesiest of Christmas songs blasting out in the background; wooden chalets of locally sourced, most often handcrafted, goods, with a community of sellers in good humour. I missed it a lot!

So, I’m ecstatic to get them back tomorrow, November 11th 2021. As I (and indeed, we all) begin to regain things that were taken from us with the past year’s lockdowns, I’ve found myself overwhelmed in the best type of way. Here’s to clinging to all the joy we can and never taking anything for granted ever again. 🥰 🍷

The Postcard

We’d entered a fairly strict lockdown here in the UK when I was selecting this postcard. I was feeling both very lucky and very down at the same time. I’d been able to spend Christmas with loved ones but was also separated from others. I was longing for many pieces of “normality”. That longing is what led me to select a postcard of the Christmas markets, which I’d found being sold online by a local photographer.

Even the best photo in the world couldn’t capture the market’s atmosphere, as my words also fail to do, but this one got close for me.

Meet you at the markets tomorrow!

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