Postcard #2: Cardiff’s Roath Park 🦢

The Person

Another pairing in my company’s “distributed postcards” group led me to sending a postcard to Raúl. Raúl is an amazing colleague from Spain who is full to the brim with warmth, kindness, and generosity. I realised, too late, that I’d received way more than I gave in our postcard exchange when an assortment of yummy Spanish treats arrived at my door. 😋 He’d even had to recoup after his kids had had their way with his first attempt at putting this together!

Although what I sent in return wasn’t nearly as yummy, it did come from a place that my inner child loves almost as much as sugary treats.

The Place

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that swans are the most terrifying creatures on the planet. They are also well-established residents of the most beautiful British parks, as is the case with Cardiff’s Roath Park.

Built around a 30-acre lake in 1894, the park is a shining example of spaces gifted to us from the Victorian era. In questioning what makes a park quintessentially British, the BBC perfectly summed up the people who built these spaces and their motivation as follows:

A generation inspired by countryside-obsessed Romantic poets conjured up oases of greenery at the heart of the smog-choked cities made fat by the Industrial Revolution.

Roath Park’s held onto many characteristics that are reminiscent of the era it was inherited from, including avenues of trees, the lake’s distinctive lighthouse, and lined up rowing boats for hire. It continues to be a place of calm in the centre of city busyness. I somehow even feel that sense of calm when the place is bustling with families in the summer sunshine.

I have many fond childhood memories that involve roaming the park with my sister and bobbing along the lake on pedalos. We once found a key hidden amongst the trees, which sent my young imagination soaring, conjuring up elaborate tales of hidden treasure locked away in the lighthouse. I should have certainly done a better job of convincing my parents to let us pedal right up to the lighthouse and give the key a try. 🤪

I’ll continue to brave the swans for my share of Roath Park.

The Postcard

The postcard I sent out was from a local artist, Rhiannon Art. Through her art, Rhiannon is able to capture the character of many places in Wales in a unique style that I adore. I’m a big fan!

Here’s to another 99 more postcards 🤸‍♀️

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