Belated Learnings from January

This January, I ran away and joined the circus. I got out of breath playing tag in our warm up sessions and could barely hoist myself up on the swings, things I used do with ease and so fearlessly as a kid. I started with no upper body strength and felt some progress as the weeks went on, though I’m definitely still no Zendaya! Hoisting myself up aerial hoops and silk ropes doesn’t come naturally to me, but it felt good to experience failures and celebrate successes along with the others on the course.

I started going to creative writing classes, taught by Jon Blake in Bute Park. It pushed me to complete pieces of writing and, most scarily of all, share them with others. The feedback I received helped me improve and being more open with my writing gave me a lot of confidence.

This January, I travelled to Paris to learn more about photography. For the longest time I only ever wanted to travel to new places, but there’s really nothing like rediscovering old loves.

I continued on my quest to shop locally and be more mindful of where the things I consume come from. There are a number of local businesses in Barry and Cardiff, a lot owned by women, that have inspired me these past few months. That led me to an enamel plate workshop with one of my favourite jewellers.

This January, I had the blues, like many people do. I felt lost in more than one area of my life and unsure of the next steps to take. In the past that would have led me to retreat and close myself off from the world. Instead, I feel more open to failing and being vulnerable than I ever have. I still don’t know what the next steps are for me but, while I figure it out, I’m ready to throw myself into learning and new adventures.

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