Making Time

I feel so uplifted when I’m doing yoga and have a great sense of fulfilment after completing a practice, yet I have all the excuses in the world for regularly skipping practices.

This week, I spent thirty minutes doing yoga for three days in a row and those thirty minutes had a greatly positive impact on my mindset for the day. Yet, I skipped yoga today and gave myself an excuse that I simply had no time for it. Work, side projects, and chores took priority.

This has all added weight to a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately: Why do we struggle to make time for the things that make us happiest? This is something I see not only in myself, but also others that I care about.

Tomorrow, I resolve to spend at least thirty minutes doing something that, although seems hard, I know will make me happier. šŸ™‚ If you’re reading this, I hope you do too.

3 thoughts on “Making Time

  1. I have been skipping yoga for the past two weeks. If you ask me why I will give you hundred excuses. The truth is I’m lazy. And I wish I had friend to join me. I am bored when going to the yoga class alone. But you are right it males me feel happy and energised. So tommorrow I am going! Thank you for the motivation. Hugs.

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