“Why is everyone going on and on and on about 2016 as if it’s a person!?”

“Numbers have meaning, Siobhan,” my Mum replied.

I may have rolled my eyes, in the most daughterly fashion, as she repeated a story she’s often told me. Any year with a six or a nine is guaranteed to be bad, you see. 2009 was an awful year for our family for that very reason.

It was a few days before 2017.

2016 wasn’t a bad year for me on a personal level: I’m grateful that my family remained in good health; I made return trips to seven different countries; as an Olympic obsessive, I loved watching Team GB come second in both the Olympic and Paralympic games; I saw the Grand Canyon; I zip lined upside down over a rainforest in Whistler; I gazed at the super moon on a beach in Barcelona; I put down a deposit for my very first house; I visited New York for the very first time; I grew in some areas but felt stuck in others.

2016 was a terrible year for many: Toxic politics; terrorism; bloodbaths in war-torn countries; the list doesn’t end, every day seemed like a bad news day.

Numbers two, zero, one, and six can’t be blamed. But it can be recognised that, as always, my Mum was right and those numbers hold meaning to people. People needed 2017. The chance to start again is important.

I started this year off on the wrong foot: I’ve been in a rush; I haven’t been looking after my health (although that’s hard to do during mini egg session!); I haven’t been taking the time to count my blessings.

It’s not too late to start it again, though. 🙂 Whether you believe that the numbers in a year have power or not, I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and that you’re able to look back on the year with a list of wonderful experiences.

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