Thorpe Park

It’s standard for students of Reading University to celebrate the end of exams with a trip to Thorpe Park. The last time I visited the theme park was in 2011 to do just that. As I’m staying in Reading this week, I met up with one of my old University friends, Simon, to relive the memories today.

I was willing to go on any of the rides with the exception of the log flumes. My hope was to stay dry as I hadn’t come prepared for a soaking and Tidal Wave in particular leaves you drenched through to the bone.

It was raining, though, and so I still took the chance to purchase this snazzy Thorpe Park ensemble.


Little did I know that the point Simon had rather enthusiastically guided me to for the above photo just so happened to be the point where the splash from the log flume lands. Shortly after this photo was taken I was soaked by the big splash! Simon apparently attempted to video the surprise soaking but failed (a crying shame!) A passing man did, however, inform me that it was hilarious.

I subsequently insisted that we both ride Tidal Wave and am happy to report that Simon got a well-deserved soaking too.

We managed to work our way through most of the park’s main rides and played some of the games. It was a fun day and nice to walk down memory lane with an old friend. He even very patiently put up with my new-found Snapchat habit. True friendship. 🙂

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