Mount Royal

I quickly learned that the lovely people of Montreal are proud of their mountain and for good reason. The highest peak of Mount Royal comes in at just 764 ft but size isn’t everything, right? 🙂

I showed up to Montreal on a Sunday morning to drums and dancing.

There is always something going on in Montreal and, throughout the month I stayed there, I had become used to sights such as popup festivals along the streets and slacklining in parks (the city’s the home of Cirque du Soleil, after all.)

My reaction to learning about Tam-Tams, the name of the weekly gatherings of drums and dancing that takes place at one of the monuments at the bottom of Mount Royal, was “this is so Montreal.”

People from a wide range of backgrounds were there to come together and celebrate. Not only was the atmosphere incredible, but the views were too.

The Mount Royal of Winter is apparently very different to the Mount Royal that I experienced in the Summer, with drums replaced with toboggans. I’d love to visit again and would recommend it to anyone!

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