The Best Laid Schemes of Mary and Siobhan

While looking through old photos (I’ve been doing that a lot lately!) I came across these ones of me and my friend, Mary, sleeping in tiny three-tier night train bunk beds.

We were inter-railing around Europe at the time and, in these photos, were on our way from Berlin to Vienna.

The night was pretty sleepless and awful but the photos still make me smile. I remember, when planning the trip, we had thought we were so clever saving money and time by bundling our train journey and sleep up into one. We arrived bleary-eyed at our hostel in Vienna to be told we were there a day later than we’d booked, and having to pay the extra night’s fee anyway.

We should have maybe taken some warning from our previous, unsuccessful attempt at sleeping in Gatwick airport in order to make an early morning flight. (We spent a good chunk of the night trying to avoid eye contact with a drunken man who ended up plonking himself on top of my bag.)

From our attempt to gatecrash a boat party in Rome to our dreams of walking the entire Great Wall of China being cruelly dashed by the stranger we shared them with (who knew it was so big!), it’s fair to say our plans do quite often go astray.

Regardless, I’m glad to have someone to share those memories with. 🙂 Let’s never stop planning for the next adventure. Who knows? This may be the time it all works out.

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