April Fool’s!

Do you think we let a little thing like being thousands of miles apart stop us from pranking our colleagues on April Fool’s day? Nope!

Alx is renowned for his pranks at Automattic and, while a few folks were throwing around ideas for an April Fool’s retaliation this year, I came up with the suggestion of sending a singing telegram to Rick Roll him in person. After a quick Google, I was delighted to find PeppyGrams, a company in NYC that has a dedicated Rick-Roll-A-Gram service. We were able to work with them and as a team to get the prank off the ground.

The Rick-Roll-A-Gram arrived at Alx’s co-working space in Philadelphia at 11.00am ET today and you can see the video in his blog post here.

We timed the prank to be inline with one of his team video hangouts and a few of us joined the hangout when the singing started, which is why Alx keeps an eye on the monitor throughout the video. 🙂 I was one of the ones crying with laughter on the other side.

Thank you for all of your pranks and being fun to work with, Alx! I’m already a little nervous about next year’s April Fool’s. 😉

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