One Year at Automattic

I’ve been working at Automattic for one whole year today and I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful experiences that have come my way as a result.

It’s sometimes tricky to describe the company to people who aren’t familiar with it because Automattic isn’t normal by most standards: We all work remotely and are spread out across over 30 different countries. On my team alone, there are people based in the US, England, Peru, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Austria, Bulgaria, Malaysia, France, Ireland, Indonesia, and Wales.

As I’m not required to be in a physical office, I’ve been able to work while travelling a lot. Teams within Automattic also have in-person team meetups every few months. I’m hoping to blog about each of these experiences over time but, for now, I’ll just say that I’m more than grateful for the chance I’ve had to travel and explore other places so freely.

It hasn’t been all about the travel though. This past year, I’ve been privileged to work with an incredibly talented, diverse, and interesting group of people on a product that we’re all passionate about.

Here’s hoping for many more years to come, even if my Mum does still joke that I need to get a “proper job.” 😉

One response to “One Year at Automattic”

  1. Oh Siobhan, you lucky thing to have such a cool job. You obviously love it too. I love your site – very festive 🙂 I’ll let you know if I get my music set up and you can pop over for a bop 😉


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